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Welcome to Before & After "The Exterior Cleaning Specialist"

Before & After is Long Island's  house, deck and property Power Washing, Sealing and Staining Specialist. I am an expert at cleaning all types of siding and exterior materials. Whether your home exterior is concrete, stucco, vinyl siding, wood siding, aluminum, brick, stone, or anything else, Before & After has what it takes to get it clean!

Before & After fully understands the importance of using the right equipment and cleaners for the job. I understand that different exteriors require different treatments, and we use the proper equipment and cleaners for each and every surface. Your home or business will look great when I'm finished!

Power Washing is a great way to keep your home or business looking clean and new. Regardless of what type of siding your house or building has, over time it will begin to accumulate dust, grime, nature stains, stains from water draining off your roof, and more. It's normal for your siding to get dirty over time, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Before & After is just what you need to make your home or business look brand new again!

Before & After gives your house great curb appeal by removing dirt, mildew, moss, mold & road dirt from surfaces like your house, porch & walkways.  We also can clean your outdoor living areas by cleaning surfaces like your deck, pool areas, walkways, patios, patio furniture and play sets.  These surfaces can discolor from mildew, mold and debris. You can see when you uncover your pool that just one season can darken surfaces making the area look old & dingy.  Before & After will make your home & your backyard living space look new  again!

"The Exterior Cleaning Specialist"


Moss & Mold Removal * Cedar Siding *Decks * Brick Walkways * Concrete Patio * Fences * Stucco * Vinyl Siding * Patio Furniture * Side Walks * Driveways * Swimming Pools Tennis Courts * Boats * Leaders & Gutters * House Washing

Deck & House Sealing & Staining Specialist


Store Fronts  * Walk Ways *Graffiti Removal * Walk in Refrigerators * Disposal Areas  Industrial Equipment * Awnings