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Deck Maintenance and Restoration

Deck Cleaning & Restoration in Nassau & Suffolk Long Island

Before & After Powerwash will restore your deck with quality & experienced deck cleaning, deck stripping, staining, sealing, deck repair and restoration services. Our Deck Maintenance services consist of cleaning & treating deck surfaces. The beauty & durability of any deck refinishing job depends both on the proper surface preparation & the quality of the product, whether it be sealer or stain.  It is extremely important to have a professional powerwash wood surfaces.  Deck Restoration takes knowledge, skill, and experience to do the job correctly. Incorrect use of a power washer can cause damage to decks . Using a contractor with experience, knowledge of the right cleaners, and the proper equipment is the most cost-effective way to get the job done.

Before & After carefully pressure washes all types of wood to prepare for waterproofing applications, and use only the highest quality stains and sealers like Cabot, Wlomans and Behr.


Standard Deck Restoration Process:

1. Inspection of the surface of the wood for stains, mildew, UV sunlight damage and other conditions.

2. Tightening loose nails.

3. Pre-treating the deck with the appropriate wood cleaners.

4. Gently power washing the deck with light pressure and rinsing thoroughly. (Professional contractors avoid the use of bleach.)

5. Neutralizing the wood to properly balance the pH of the wood.

6. After the wood has dried we will seal or stain with a professional product.


Exotic Wood Deck Restoration Professional:  Ipe - Redwood- Teak - Mahogany